Verzpertillio Vocabulary

Verzpertillio Grammar

Verzpertillio, the ancient Vampire language once used among Vampires centuries ago in Europe is similar in structure to Latin and the Romance languages. That said, the language (like all the other languages stemming from Latin) changed and evolved into a unique speech. Here is written the foundation of the Verzpertillio language.


Vampiric verbs are listed here.

Verb Stem Translation Notes
sorve sorv- to absorb
uzemde uzemd- to abuse
secripe secrip- to accept
perigate perigat- to accompany
corvute corvut- to account
renide renid- to accuse
esenzare esenzar- to achieve
agroste agrost- to act
numerete numeret- to add
setome setom- to adjust
zemire zemir- to admire
heluzate heluzat- to admit
assente assent- to advance
veritade veritad- to advise
sacrote sacrot- to affect
ebe eb- to afford
setire setir- to agree
azende azend- to aim
permire permir- to allow
sede sed - to allow
summe summ- to amount
hugerde hugerd- to amuse
resone reson- to answer
secrede secred- to apologize
egrate egrat- to appear
semte semt- to apply
dezumus dezu- to approach
eferte efert- to approve
rezine rezin- to argue
ordine ordin- to arrange
vemide vemid- to arrive
assede assed- to ascend
delire delir- to ask
ovrise ovris- to astonish
aggrege aggreg- to attack
nozate nozat- to attract
devite devit- to avoid
erote erot- to balance
evone evon- base To "base a fact on".
nagare nagar- to bathe
ere er- to be Auxiliary verb. Inflects irregularly.
vinzegre vinzegr- to beat
azione azion- to become
epieze epiez- to begin
porete poret- to behave
crete cret- to believe
pertene perten- to belong
morde mord- to bite
implice implic- to blame
flettere fletter- to blow
travesse travess- to be born Literally translated, "to cross over".
rutione rution- to break A body part; animal or human.
vanre van- to break An external object or idea; a glass or a treaty or one’s word.
sepireme sepirem- to breath
crende crend- to bring
viezice viezic- to build
muztume muztum- to burn
gestare gestar- to burst
sepe sep- to bury
emere emer- to buy
varume varum- to call To summon or shout.
ose os- can
egove egov- to care To care for emotionally or lovingly.
cerdeze cerdez- to caress
sovise sovis- to carry To carry a burden; a weight.
merone meron- to catch Particularly speaking of fishing.
crupane crupan- to catch Specifically a disease or a football, as examples.
emizere emizer- to cause
vidume vidum- to change Literally from vidumereo, “I see a new way”; apparently an ancient Vampiric idiom.
somuze somuz- to charge To charge at someone in an attack.
ecrote ecrot- to charge To charge money, or an accusation.
evide evid- to check
mordice mordic- to chew
flocide flocid- to choke
atione ation- to choose
muzine muzin- to claim
epronenze epronenz- to clean
idune idun- to clear To make space or clean out.
assene assen- to climb
sevreste sevrest- to close
sorene soren- to collect Literally, “to greed over”. During ancient times, a popular Vampiric name among vandals.
vamire vamir- to come
darote darot- to comfort
nozmite nozmit- to commit
vende vend to accompany
evede eved- to compare
obrigade obrigad- to compel
temete temet- to compete
croenze croenz- to complain
astive astiv- to complete
prodente prodent- to comprehend
etiatore etiator- to concern
avidenze avidenz- to confirm
enzonde enzond- to confuse
elictomus elicto- to congratulate
hontene honten- to conquer
seronete seronet- to connect
egrode egrod- to consider
avrose avros- to consist
conzele conzel- to console
vonate vonat- to contact
vonatieme vonatiem- to contain
ersione ersion- to continue
vanotre vanotr- to contribute
sorette sorett- to control
cuzine cuzin- to cook
imizire imizir- to copy
verte vert- to correct
pretime pretim- to cost Money or value or feeling. “it cost him his life”.
toze toz- to cough
numerete numeret- to count
huvante huvant- to cover “In the cover of darkness”.
linate linat- to crack
edimus ed- to create
crede cred- to credit To credit one's word, or a work, or money.
travize traviz- to cross
freme frem- to crush
lemante lemant- to cry
senare senar- to cure
etrione etrion- to cut
lestime lestim- to damage
nomete nomet- to dance
prevecce prevecc- to dare
ozeme ozem- to deal
engare engar- to deceive
vizate vizat- to decide
pronnede pronned- to defend
sivaire sivair- to deliver
cezome cezom- to demand
evome evom- to deny
pare par- to depart
nosaziere nosazier- to depend
ocutere ocuter- to descend
vetime vetim- to describe
mirdece mirdec- to deserve
vescribe vescrib- to design
cupide cupid- to desire
eroneze eronez- to despair
praze praz- to despise
cretome cretom- to destroy
dictere dicter- to determine
implaze implaz- to detest
inire inir- to develop
ezpire ezpir- to die
bibe bib- to digest
porteze portez- to direct
dilane dilan- to disappear
cozqe cozq- to discover
vertamus vert- to discuss
cradere crader- to dismiss
dusene duzen- to displease
derde derd- to divide
aze az- to do Auxiliary verb
temore temor- to doubt
teclare teclar- to draw
mevide mevid- to dream
vante vant- to dress
vebromus vebr- to drink
tumone tumon- to drop
sagre sagr- to eat
structe struct- to educate
adonere adoner- to embrace
vassere vasser- to enable
hortare hortar- to encourage
vine vin- to end
inzile inzil- to enjoy
viztigge viztigg- to examine To investigate something closely.
vizcrutomus vizcrut- to examine To examine in the nature of a student studying.
pertede perted- to exchange Physical items, or even thoughts and ideas.
ezere ezer- to exist
senzimus senz- to expect
notoge notog- to experience
versidome verzidom- to explain
vortillume vortillum- to express
diquare diquar- to extend
azomus az- to face To confront, "face to face".
venioze venioz- to fail
tarazone tarazon- to fall
joeaeremus joear- "Falling asleep on people on a keyboard and then waking up on the floor partially under the bed. .. " Irregular "Joe!" Verb!
vigame vigam- to fasten
mete met- to fear
zomere zomer- to feed Etymological analysis suggest the word more closely relates to the word "to take away from".
sempire sempir- to feel
zollire zollir- to fight
lere ler- to fill With water or any other liquids
venante venant- to fill Specifically with blood.
elane elan- to find
ecrovene ecroven- to finish
veste vest- to fit
holare holar- to fly
atere ater- to focus
deove deov- to fold
deoste deost- to follow
soreste sorest- to force
paroze paroz- to forget
fortize fortiz- to forgive
cozire cozir- to fuck To have sex. This is the vulgar form.
dere de- to give
ire ir- to go
sommride sommrid- to grin
arade arad- to grip
cese ces- to grow
grate grat- to handle
tassesore tassesor- to happen
zarome zarom- to hate
jare jar- to have
habere haber- to have Auxiliary verb.
ateziore atezior- to hear To heed someone.
egrede egred- to help
evidore evidor- to hide
afizite afizit- to hit
tegradore tegrador- to hold A person or a living thing.
aggroge aggrog- to hold An object or an inanimate thing.
vide cazom irregular verb hope An irregular verb, literally to "look up".
sagrodere sagroder- to hunger
delemus del- to hurt
vignare vignar- to identify
sone son- to imagine
edomus ed- to improve
idiomus idi- to include
egreve egrev- to increase
vitize vitiz- to indicate
micce micc- to influence
aode aod- to inform
conte cont- to intend
essentore essentor- to introduce
vitire vitir- to invite
simus s- to involve
commune commun- to join
inicre inicr- to jump
gare gar- to keep
stenze stenz- to kick
corzatume corzatum- to kill
destene desten- to knock
adiove adiov- to know
cazire cazir- to kiss
dure dur- to last
ride rid- to laugh
condestore condestor- to lead
apone apon- to lean To lean against something or someone.
assive assiv- to learn
lavire lavir- to leave
vertire vertir- to lecture
etere eter- to lend
permire permir- to let
inve inv- to lie To tell a lie.
cende cend- to light To set fire to.
ilumde ilumd- to light To "turn on" or "to illuminate".
huste hust- to like
timus ti- to limit
gareste garest- to limp
nuse nus- to link
aoggrote aoggrot- to listen
vive viv- to live To be living; alive.
avire avir- to live To abide; to dwell in.
ezuve ezuv- to look
terime terim- to lose
noste nost- to love
accere accer- to make To create something.
curtioze curtioz- to manage
dicemus dice- to mark
nuse nus- to marry
emperte empert- to matter
soramus sora- may
sinife sinif- to mean
parde pard- to measure
vene ven- to meet Between two persons.
venore venor- to meet To meet with a group; an ensemble.
poroze poroz- to melt
assendiore assendior- to mend To heal or to fix.
luctide luctid- to mention
lemesde lemesd- to miss
astodiemus astodi- to move To move aside or move toward.
nesteggere nestegger- to need
sinote sinot- to neglect
viderte vidert- to notice
denume denum- to obey
naredume naredum- to object Disobey.
vicere vicer- to observe
gregate gregat- to obtain
tizarde tizard- to occur
zudrege zudreg- to offend
auvede auved- to offer
ittere itter- to omit
praeste praest- to open
zaremus zare- to oppose
parzutome parzutom- to oppress
oreze orez- to order
debe deb- to owe
domenure domenur- to own
tinze tinz- to paint
capese capes- to pardon
remeste remest- to pass
pagere pager- to pay
fisiere fisier- to perform
permere permer- to permit
zerdene zerden- to persecute
grepe grep- to pick up
vone von- to place
diestre diestr- to plan
acromus acro- to play A game.
dicrate dicrat- to play A musical instrument.
vestane vestan- to please To please someone, "I pleased him".
avenze avenz- to point
invenare invenar- to poison
have hav- to posses
diventare diventar- to pour out
egrasse egrass- to praise
ezunte ezunt- to pray
henante henant- to precede
tevione tevion- to prefer
perare perar- to prepare
cozete cozet- to present
vueste vuest- to press
insosemus insose- to pretend
impe imp- to prevent By action.
previre provir- to prevent By foresight; by inaction.
vizcrite vizcrit- to print
vurte vurt- to produce
lusse luss- to profit
eve ev- to promise
fabore fabor- to pronounce
noteste notest- to propose A suggestion.
tegre tegr- to protect
reve rev- to protest
paze paz- to prove
ebiore ebior- to provide
viscate viscat- to publish
tire tir- to pull
ezore ezor- to pump
avete avet- to punish
umus u- to pursue
agite agit- to push
pone pon - to put Unlike in English, this verb inflects.
virtaste virtast- to quarrel
cite cit- to quote
manazare manazar- to rain
daste dast- to raise
astome astom- to reach
atone aton- to react
vire vir- to read
cetzome cetzom- to realize
demus de- to receive
verbamus verba[\- to recite
conite conit- to recognize
viste vist - to record
zarode zarod- to recommend
gradeste gradest- to reconcile
edate edat- to recover To rest or heal.
ducte duct- to reduce
endeme endem- to refer
uzemire uzemir- to reflect To reflect in thought.
azomire azomir- to reflect A physical thing i.e. light or an attack.
hute hut- to refuse
vidare vidar- to regard
temus te- to regret
acorde acord- to relate
ceraze ceraz- to release
nuzome nuzom- to rely To rely upon someone or something.
enande enand- to remain
me m- to remember
more mor - to remind
covete covet- to remove
vetorume vetorum- to repeat
ecote ecot- to replace
venvire venvir- to reply
vetreste vetrest- to report
iltumus iltu- to represent
infere infer- to reprimand
perte pert- to repulse
hende hend- to require
imide imid- to resemble
revemus reve- to reserve
agrede agred- to respect
sicere sicer- to rest
pereste perest- to restrict
eveste evest- to result
notene noten- to retain
egamus ega- to retire To withdraw.
umeste umest- to return To give back someone or something.
demeste demest- to return To go back somewhere physically or in memory.
ilamus ila- to reveal To reveal an ideal.
velire velir- to reveal To reveal something physically.
oconde ocond- to revise
sictere sicter- to revive
rotere roter- to revolve
divare divar- to reward
seconne seconn- to ring
zideume zideum- to rise
periscere periscer- to risk
rolare rolar- to roll
reme rem- to row
edore edor- to rub
crezide crezid- to ruin
core cor- to run
taride tarid- to save Specifically to save someone from danger.
verzide verzid- to say
spere sper- to scatter
menente menent- to scratch
vide vid- to see
cardecire cardecir- to seem
gramus gra- to seize
vendere vender- to sell
marume marum- to send
amziere amzier- to separate
prezore prezor- to serve
pone pon- to set
duce duc- to settle
aberare aberar- to sew
tremone tremon- to shake
notire notir- to share
larese lares- to sharpen
alarese alares- to shave
ilumide ilumid- to shine
tire tir- to shoot
vortemus vorte- to shout
medreste medrest- to show
sipare sipar- to shut
pireme pirem- to sigh
escribe escrib- to sign
umeve umev- to signify
zolare zolar- to sing
hendere hender- to sink
sedate sedat- to sit
ezpire ezpir- to sleep Literally, "to die".
valdone valdon- to slip
senze senz- to smell
surride surrid- to smile
diome diom- to smile To smile sadly.
lumbe lumb- to smoke
stene sten- to sneeze
nive niv- to snow
tare tar- to sob
deviste devist- to soil
agreppe agrepp- to solve
nezireme nezirem- to sort
fibere fiber- to sound
verzpe verzp- to speak
vertide vertid- to spell To spell out verbally.
denode denod- to spend To spend money.
grentemus grente- to spit
mzierde mzierd- to split
ane an- to stand
nove nov- to start
verite verit- to state
podeste podest- to stay
daje daj- to steal
pode pod- to stick
senzede senzed- to stimulate
heuze heuz- to sting
arrete arret- to stop
perge perg- to strike
dezde dezd- to struggle
vizcrute vizcrut- to study
prese pres- to succeed
edire edir- to suck
intime intim- to suffer
staverimus staveri- to suffice
supple suppl- to suggest
sedate benore sedat- to suit Be fitting. To "suit good", benore ‘good’)
reqize reqiz- to supply
crumus cru- to support
ecrasse ecrass- to suppose
orte ort- to surprise
sirde sird- to surround
vevine vevin- to survive
sopicare sopicar- to suspect
epe ep- to swallow
trezime trezim- to swear To curse; explative.
vertede verted- to swear To take an unbreakable oath; ancient Vampires who spoke Verzpertillio rarely used this word, and only those who truly vowed by their oath ever uttered this word.
trezpe trezp- to sweat
nate nat- to swim
enontemus enonte- to sympathize
carete caret- to take
verze verz- to talk
fabulare fabular- to talk
eve ev- to taste Speaking of the taste of blood.
gadere gader- to teach
verzide verzid- to tell To tell a story.
nauzere nauzer- to tempt
heste hest- to tend
ezonde ezond- to test
grede gred- to thank
paruze paruz- to think
inide inid- to threaten
lace lac- to throw
tone ton- to thunder
noscure noscur- to tie To bind something.
uje uj- to tolerate
greste grest- to touch
ente ent- to train
ducire duci- to translate
transve transv- to transport To transport others or objects.
trasve trasv- to transport To transport oneself only.
enve env - to travel
sedimus sedi- to treat
emire emir- to tremble
taze taz- to try
zudeme zudem- to turn
edinave edinav- to uncover
prodentimus prodenti- to understand
evantemus evante- to undress
acce acc - to unfasten
pere per- to upset
ute ut- to use
visitare visitar- to visit
gestare gestar- to vomit
noreve norev- to wait
pregosere pregoser- to wake To wake up from sleep.
camire camir- to walk
herre herr- to wander
deside desid- to want
egrazire egrazir- to warn
livade livad- to wash
mirze mirz- to watch
mene men- to wave
vantore vantor- to wear
leme lem- to weep
tesse tess- to weigh
verzpertire verzpertir- to whisper
circire circir- to whistle
assende assend- to win
vierre vierr- to wind To coil around.
dolere doler- to wish
mirtentemus mirtente- to wonder
velarte velart- to work
esperze esperz- to worship
lectome lictom- to worry
vare var- to be worth
verrire verrir- to wrap up
tescribe tescrib- to write
adore ador- to yawn
vorztille vorztill- to yell


Vampiric nouns are listed here in their nominative form. Their gender is also included. Note that those nouns with "neuter" for gender mean, in Verzpertillio, that the
noun can be exchanged between male or female by the adding of -i at the end of the noun. Otherwise the noun remains in the neuter form which is its masculine form.

Noun Gender Translation Notes
corvuti Feminine account
numereti Feminine addition
setomedeum Masculine adjustment
seterum Masculine agreement
aerum Masculine air
summa Feminine amount
hugerdi Feminine amusement
animalis Masculine animal
resoni Feminine answer
cureum Masculine apparatus Can be used to describe things from a windmill to a cell phone.
eferti Feminine approval
rezinedeum Masculine argument
neuzema Feminine art
egronis Masculine attention
nozati Feminine attraction
ilumateda Masculine authority
vostorum Masculine back The human/animal back. Also postorum
erotedeum Masculine balance
dorama Feminine base A foundation.
poretedeum Masculine behavior
fi Feminine belief A personal belief, or a system of beliefs.
nozema Feminine beauty Interchangeable with night.
travedeum Masculine birth A form of the verb "to cross over", Vampires had no true word meaning "natural birth", or "birth from the womb".
mordeum Masculine bite
vena Feminie blood Curiously, in other Romance Languages the word "vena" means "blood vessel", but Verzpertillio seems to have taken the noun to mean the actual blood it carries. Consequently, the word "blood" and "blood vessel" are interchangeable in Verzpertillio.
fletteri Feminine blow A physical hit.
azomier Masculine body Specifically a human or vampire's body. The word contains the particle "azo-" which in Verzpertillio seems to have the etymological meaning of "physical" or "real". The particle "-mier" has the etymological connotation of "house". Literal transaltion: "That which houses them". Further study reveals the pronoun particle "ie" meaning "them".
animieris Masculine body Specifically an animal's body.
vivlo Masculine book
sarom Masculine boy A male vampire specifically under the age of 25 in appearance.
serum Masculine boy/male A male vampire or human of any age or appearance.
serfareum Masculine boy A male vampire or human under the age of 7, used when speaking of small boys. Improper to use for older males - indeed the word was known to be used as an insult, long ago.
orium Masculine brass a yellowish alloy metal used much during ancient times.
vicreder Masculine bread The word is used for all foods in general when vampires spoke of human food.
ezpirum Neuter breath
venatum or feratum Masculine brother Venatum (literally "brother through blood") was used for family members of close kin. Feratum was used for family members of more distant relation.
adeum Masculine brother Through friendship, or affection. A brotherly love, but not of intimacy.
avitimieri or less formally aviti Feminine building Can be used for any building or monument larger than a house.
muztuma Feminine burn Specifically a physical burn on the skin.
gestaredeum Masculine burst
fedetis Masculine business Phonology suggests the word is related to "fi" meaning a system of beliefs.
tidor Masculine canvas An art canvas.
egovi Feminine care Used for people who tended over others.
azotari Feminine cause The cause of something physical. A fight, an avalanche because of loud noise, etc.
uzosti Feminine cause The cause of something through indirect physical contact: an argument in the senate causes thousands to relocate villages. Thieves cause a small family to lose their business progressively, etc.
portenti Feminine chance
vidumedeum Masculine change
enzanter - child A vampire or human child.
ivider - child This word is used only for "vampire children". The term seems to translate to "only in sight" since a vampire child is usually older than what he or she looks physically.
nuzamzier - childe A human being of any age bitten by a vampire, and turned into a vampire, is their childe.
lemper Masculine cloth
habardum Masculine coal
eteum Masculine color
darotedeum Masculine comfort
vendi Feminine company "In the company of"; with others - friends, family, or even enemies.
evedi Feminine comparison
temeti Feminine competition
adara Feminine condition
seroneti Feminine connection
sorettedeum Masculine control
cuprum Masculine copper
imiziri Feminine copy
tozi Feminine cough A cough. From verb "toze to cough".
etarum Masculine country
huvantedeum Masculine cover A physical cover. A lid, blanket, sheet of wood, etc.
linati Feminine crack A physical crack on a material object.
credeum Masculine credit To give someone credit, be it money or their word. Literally "I credit you". From Latin.
apropender Masculine crime
porati Feminine crush Verzpertillio slang term: A more accurate translation of this word would be "an attraction to another", but this word seemed to have been used more as an affectionate way of expressing it, as opposed to the word "nozati".
urdi Feminine cry Specifically a shrill cry heard from a distance.
turumi Feminine current An electric current, or the flowing of water.
linada Feminine curve A slang term, used specifically for describing the curves of a human body in an intimate way.
lestimedeum Masculine damage
preacilum Masculine danger
venati Feminine daughter
luzem Masculine day
ezpiri Feminine death
regrama Feminine debt
vizati Feminine decision
egradem Masculine degree "He showed a high degree of learning".
vescribedeum Masculine design Specifically a design of art or a symbol.
cupideum Masculine desire
cretoma Feminine destruction
senetum Masculine detail Individual 'details'
inira Feminine development
biberi Feminine digestion
portezi Feminie direction
cozqa Feminine discovery
nosfeteum Masculine disease Specifically diseases that afflict vampires only.
inveteum Masculine disease Specificially diseases that afflict humans only.
curum Masculine A vampire disease, known in many modern languages as "kuru".
tedum Masculine disgust
porestena Feminine distance
spareti Feminine distribution
temora Feminine doubt
virenozeum Masculine dream The word was used by vampires when speaking of their vivid "vampire dreams". From "haberevaris virenoeumae" meaning "to have dreams", which is the closest equivalent vampires had to "good night".
idunis Masculine drink A drink, can be used to mean alcoholic, water, or any other liquids consumed by humans or vampires.
pulves Feminine dust Specifically a feathery dust on a smooth surface.
pulviaris Masculine dust Specifically airborne dust.
terra Feminine Earth The planet Earth.
maregis Masculine edge
structi Feminine education
effectis Masculine effect
ilumetir - elder An ancient group of vampires who have overseen the vampire population for centuries. Also: verzparae, and vempirae.
maretis Masculine end Also found in an older word sozer.
fertedus Masculine error
dezetum Masculine event An ancient word, with little etymological relation to Latin - origin unknown.
plaradeum Masculine example
ezera Feminine existence
ilurdir - expert Specifically a martial arts expert.
veri Feminine fact A truth. The word has a phonological relation to "see" and "truth".
ferteni Feminine family
pertenis Masculine father Literally, "you belong to".
meteum Masculine fear
farati Feminine fiction An ancient word, with little etymological relation to Latin - word origin unknown.
peastos Masculine field A field of grass.
prugiri Feminine fight A fight between two individuals.
vationi Feminine fight A fight between many individuals; a struggle, a battle, a war.
cendari Feminine fire
seper - [Irregular] flavor The taste of something.
loriz Feminine flower
aterum Masculine focus
vicredeum Masculine food Human food.
soresta Feminine force As in "wind is a strong force".
grama Feminine form
amerum Masculine friend
veula Feminine girl Female vampire or human of any age. Word origin unknown.
veuliz Feminine girl Female vampire or human under the age of 10. Improper to use for older females - word was known to be used as an insult. Word origin unknown.
veulara Feminine girl Female vampire under the age of 25. A "young female" in appearance. Word origin unknown.
vidrim Masculine glass
auronis Masculine gold
dimocrati Feminine government Used when speaking of any form of "human" organized government.
paerbem Masculine grass
obus Masculine group
ilustimir - guide A guide - word seems to literally mean, "to light the way".
porteus Masculine harbor A sea harbor.
portarendis Masculine harbor A safeplace - word is related to a "sea harbor" for both have the connotation of holding something.
coroda Feminine harmony An ancient word, with little etymological relation to Latin - word origin unknown.
zaro Masculine [irregular] hate An ancient word, with little etymological relation to Latin - word origin unknown.
ateziorenti Feminine hearing A trial, a hearing. The awareness of being in a trial.
cazo Masculine [irregular] heat An ancient word, with little etymological relation to Latin - word origin unknown.
imaneus Masculine heaven Possible ancient Greek religious origin. Also, sky.
adoneus Masculine hell Possible ancient Greek religious origin.
etura Feminine history
semta Feminine hour
humilita Feminine humility
andredi Feminine humor
aeda Feminine ice An ancient word, with little etymological relation to Latin - word origin unknown.
vea Feminine path
videra Feminine sight


Common vampiric interjections are listed here, along with their level of formality.

Interjection Formality Translation Notes
virti Informal bye
virtemtio Formal goodbye
prestario Formal greetings/hello
'terio Informal modern translation would be "hey" or "hi"
adero Informal modern translation would be "hey"
supplicatus Formal please
si supplireum Formal please Much more formal.
gredi Informal thanks
gredo Formal thank you


Prepositions are listed here.

Preposition Translation Notes
suvrom above
tresivrom or atrano across
portente against
e portens along
comuntris among
duverum o edque anywhere
deros sercus around
vissi at
vitesso backward
antem before
vintum behind
inverom below
derostum between
ire postum beyond
assivrom by
inverto down
inveris downward
alleurez elsewhere
carem post carem illi everywhere
soderen except
tenum far
param also des for
posturem forward
te from
post here
derom also en in
tevis inside
postis near
post te beside
carem also deis of
avetis outside
suvros over
des since
seratis somewhere
ectus straight
illi there
per through
versi towards
suvsettio under
suvseterem underneath
avero que until
verzi suvrom upward
comun with
sistrom without


Verzpertillio conjunctions are listed here.

ertizo also
erquam although
egredio and The word can mean, depending on placement, tone, mood, situation, many different things: "and, but, alas! stop! well… look! look out! danger! hey!" are a few examples.
vudero because
egredio but
tierdo or si if The first is formal and the second is informal.
o or
des since
valte very


Verzpertillio adjectives are listed here.

vicate important
teme rash "To be rash,"
corde serious
timide timid


Verzpertillio adverbs are listed here.

ut how
cordentum seriously
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