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Trevor is a main character in Gone From Daylight. Trevor is a very driven individual with no qualms about acting in a 'morally grey' fashion in order to get what he wants. This often causes tension between Trevor and the rest of the group at the Lot, particularly Justin and Taryn, his ex-partner and childe.

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Appears in: Gone From Daylight
Age at crossover: 14
Actual age: At least 25
Appearance: Eyes: Brown, Hair: Blond, Height: 5ft 8in
Extra: Emotional Telepathy. Trevor's ability is not the same as Reader abilities in that Trevor cannot sense the thoughts of others, only feelings and desires.
Sire: Unknown
Partner: Michael, (Ex) Taryn
Affliated with: Bryson, Dion, Diva, Doc, Dylan, Gyro, Jenna, Jun, Justin, Max, Michael, Taryn
Enemies: N/A
First appearance: Genesis (Chapter 1a).

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