The Nifty Archive

The Nifty Archive is the name given to a vast library containing a collection of scriptures submitted from vampires all over the world. The Nifty Archive is situated high up – close to the 'roof' – of the IceZone club in Chicago, Illinois. The curator of the Archive is the vampire Stew, as of GFD: Chapter 10 - Nights Eternal, who, along with many other library staff, protect and organize the books and help visitors to the library in finding particular scriptures. Anyone can make a submission to the archive, as many vampires have done, with some tomes reaching over 1 million pages in length. Comicality was a regular submitter to the archive but stopped for a sizable amount of time before restarting his submissions relatively recently before the events of Nights Eternal; we can probably surmise that he began writing scripture again when he discovered Justin.

The Nifty Archive is based on a real website, Nifty Erotic Stories Archive1, where the author Comicality first began submitting his stories.

Justin makes a visit to the Nifty Archive in GFD: Chapter 10 - Nights Eternal to greater understand the Mimic legend and his destiny. This visit reveals a lot about the circumstances and the context of the Mimic legend.

1 Nifty Erotic Stories Archive (the website) is intended for adults over the age of 18. Discrestion is advised.

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