The Lot

'The Lot' is the nickname given to an abandoned scrapyard (or car lot) that is inhabited by a group of Halflife vampires (including, but not limited to, Bryson, Dion, Doc, Dylan, Gyro, Jenna, Jun, Justin, Max, Michael, Rain, Taryn and Trevor) that is located in Chicago, Illinois. The exact location of the Lot is kept intentionally vague by the author, however it can be surmised that the Lot is somewhere in the South or South-west area of Chicago; possible locations could include Canaryville, Back of the Yards or possibly Englewood. Neither is the actual name of the Lot is ever revealed and is simply referred to by the characters as "the Lot" or "home".

The Lot has several small communal areas where members of the group socialize as well as many more cut-off and private areas throughout the extremely large area that the Lot covers. There are special modifications made to it so that it can serve as a vampire dwelling: old cars and trucks are used as habitations and each must be made completely light-proof so as to avoid Sunburn. The current sleeping arrangements are as follows:

  • Bryson: Pickup Truck
  • Dion and Dylan: SUV
  • Doc: Unknown Car
  • Gyro: Hatchback Car (as a guest)
  • Jenna: Unknown Car
  • Justin and Taryn: Class B camper-van
  • Jun: Hatchback Car
  • Kid: Unknown Car
  • Max: Pickup Truck
  • Rain: Unknown Car
  • Trevor and Michael: Saloon Car
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