The Lizard

'The Lizard' is a top-ranking member of the Vampire Mafia who was "headlining" the Hemoslug project at the IceZone club at the time of GFD: Chapter 11 – Born of Fire. 'The Lizard' is also known by many other names and aliases, including John, Greyfox, Drew and JT. He is also the original possessor of the wall-walking ability that Justin picked up from Cato in his fight to save Gyro from the Spice Shack in GFD: Chapter 8 - Threshold. Therefore the ability to walk on walls has become sinonimous with the Mafia, as Dash comments in Threshold: "I could even ask you why I happened to see 'your' footprints mixed in with the tracks on the wall, as though you were walking on it with little to no effort. A talent reserved mostly for 'Mafia' element."

'The Lizard' is known to have developed an entire fighting style based around the premise of wall-walking and switching dimensions, allowing one to fight in as many dimensions as the walls allow. It is also known that many of the top ranking Mafia members (including Cato) were taught to use this skill in order to become his enforcers on the streets.

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