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Appears in: Gone From Daylight
Age at crossover: 14
Actual age: 24/25
Appearance: Eyes: Green, Hair: Deep Red/Brown, Height: 5ft 5in
Extra: Telepathic messaging. The ability to send and receive messages telepathically. N.B. It is sometimes unclear where a vampire's natural ability for telepathy, which is present to an extent in all vampires, ends and this extra starts.
Sire: Trevor
Partner: Justin
Affliated with: Alec, Bryson, Dion, Doc, Dylan, Gyro, Jenna, Jun, Justin, Max, Michael, Tim, Trevor
Enemies: Cato, Rage, Soren, Natpea
First appearance: Genesis (Chapter 1a).

Taryn is a halflife vampire that lives at The Lot with the other residents. He is Justin's partner and soulmate, sharing the bond of Eternity Bands with him. Justin considers Taryn to have saved him from committing suicide while Taryn considers Justin to have saved him from a life of despair and eventual death. While the pair's bond of love is very strong, Taryn can be very emotionally sensitive regarding certain subjects, most notably his past, which he is not proud of, which means that Taryn and Justin occasionally need time apart from each other. Taryn crossed over at the age of 14 after meeting Trevor while running away from home with his four year-old brother Alec. Taryn took Alec back home where he presumably suffered at the hands of Chuck for ten years, before crossing over himself and becoming Rage in order to seek out Taryn for revenge.

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