Spice is a name given to engineered blood samples that contain a concentrated mixture of both hard and soft drugs. Mixtures can include Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Ecstasy, Mescaline, MDMA, Ketamine and even concentrated Nicotine and Caffeine as well as many other agents. The ingredients used depend on the chemist or blood dealer putting it together for their own particular clientele therefore recipes vary from dealer to dealer. The intent is to mix an extremely potent set of drugs directly into the bloodstream of a vampire, and allowing them to experience the ultimate high for days or even weeks, at a time. The danger in this practice, however, is that this alters a vampire's mind state drastically, further risking exposure and causing erratic and unpredictable behavior in anyone who uses the stuff. It has been outlawed by the Elders themselves, but as the Hemoslug technology has drastically cut into the blood dealing business of many vampires in major cities all around the country, 'spice dealing' has become a profitable alternative to shutting down their enterprise. Vampires who take spice refer to the experience as getting 'twisted', and long periods of exposure to this drug can eventually cause brain tumors and heart failure. Leaving a vampire in a vegetative state for eternity, or destroying their heart, causing starvation.

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