Slag Hunters

Slag Hunters patrol the streets looking for leftover Slag that might be left behind by careless vampires on their hunt. They are, the majority of the time, Human, government-funded and are are absolutely top-secret. They come equipped with the high tech materials needed to dismember the bodies and get rid of the evidence of the crime in the case of a sudden attack. Methodical and precise, the slag hunters can easily clean up the scene of the crime and erase all traces of foul play in a matter of minutes before any suspicions are aroused by the public. However, they are also trained to keep their work a secret at all costs. And any human that accidentally crosses their path while in the middle of a job…they usually end up in the trunk as well.

Being a slag hunter was the basic premise behind the Comicality Story Starter Disposal of Flesh, with Gus just starting a new job as a slag hunter after 14 years in the Chicago police force.

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