For a vampire who has been attacked, injured, targeted by the Elders, hunters, or the mob, or any vampire who has been exiled from their original habitat, there are sanctuaries. Sanctuaries are often set up by well meaning vampires as a safe haven for any strays that need help, protection, or a temporary place to hide. Vampires can find refuge and medicine in these places, scattered throughout the world. To solve the problem of defenselessness during the day, sanctuaries are often guarded by a few choice human caretakers during light hours while their vampire guests sleep.

These sanctuaries are however considered highly illegal, and thus must be kept extremely secret as they are often prone to destructive raids by agents of the Elders or other militant factions and sudden attacks from contract killers who have been contracted to kill a vampire that is seeking respite in the walls of the sanctuary. Even though they are usually protected by underground devices that dull or cancel out a hunter's tracking capabilities, attacks are quite frequent, often slaughtering all the inhabitants inside.

Justin visited a sanctuary run by Dash in the north of Chicago during the events of GFD: Chapter 9 - Threshold and Julian Lomax seeks solace for Glenn (his boyfriend) and himself at a sanctuary created and run by Jeremiah and his son Jason in The Awakening: Chapter 1.

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