A Safeguard is a marking on the neck or right hand of a human being that represents a level of 'protection' that comes directly from the Elders themselves. These marks can be purchased for large sums of money by the few humans that know about the vampire species, and grants them complete immunity from being 'fed upon' by the vampire population.

These stigmas have to be renewed annually, and can be placed on the heads of family members, business associates, or close friends. Prices vary depending on age, gender, and health; the cost is much higher on an 18 year old male athlete than it is on a 65 year old business woman. The marks are designed to fade in a year's time, and then have to be renewed for another generous fee if the human wishes to remain protected. These funds are then used to support and produce many of the vampire race's underground dealings. The clubs, arenas, casinos, and so on, all funded by humans who wish to live without the fear of being a 'snack' for those born into Darkness. If a human that has been clearly marked with a Safeguard is harmed by a vampire, retaliation from the Elders is swift and unmerciful. The loss of income is usually dealt with by means of a swift, but painful, execution, by an Elder appointed assassin of their choice.

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