Readers constitute a small minority of vampires whose Extras afford them the ability to telepathically read the minds of other vampires even without consent.

While all vampires are able to read the mind of humans with ease due to their "simplicity", a vampire's mind is much more complex, because it takes in such a great amount of detail that the average human mind can't even comprehend. It is therefore impossible for most vampires to read one another's mind without consent. However, a minority of vampires develop an extra which allows them this ability; they can peer into another vampire's mind without much more effort than it takes to read a human mind. Readers have the ability to investigate, experience, or even 'steal', information from others with minimal concentration. Readers have gained a stereotyped reputation as 'mind thieves' that steal information, secrets and even other people's extras and so are either feared or despised by many of their peers. The ability to 'read' is an incredibly rare one as is noted by Tim, the oldest known vampire in Chicago, in GFD: Chapter 2 - Resurrection; Tim had only encountered nine in his lifetime.

Notable Readers include:

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