Hated by most, Raiders are opportunists that form small tribes and venture to make money from the trinkets and memories of vampires that they steal from. Vampires that have shorter sleep cycles sometimes decide to use this defect to their advantage and become raiders. This allows them to wake up from their hibernation hours before other vampires do. However to avoid fatal Sunburn, raiders must wear protective clothing that covers every part of their body. In order to track their victims more effectively and be able to stay on the move easily, Raiders often sleep in light-proof body-bags in which they can sleep through the day even out in open air.

Whenever a cluster or habitat of vampires is found, raiders will team up and plan a 'heist', often watching a group of vampires for weeks on end. When the time is deemed right, a group infiltrate the group before the end of the natural vampire cycle in order to steal away whatever human comforts they keep, selling them for profit in underground vampire markets (such as that found in the IceZone club). Raiders are regarded as thieves and killers, and have made many enemies through out the vampire world for their despicable actions.

Raider parties attacked The Lot in GFD: Chapter 9 - Pride and Prophecy but were discovered by Justin, who is prone to having irregular sleeping patterns, which can cause him to awaken earlier than usual. A group of raiders was also the theme of the Story Starter Honor Among Thieves.

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