Optrix are contact lenses that are specially designed to hide a vampire's glowing eyes from the human public. Sold in a wide variety of colors by special dealers around town, they are light weight, nearly invisible, can be worn permanently with no discomfort, and are essential when attempting to blend in with a human crowd. They block the golden glow of a vampire's eyes using the same principle as a one-way mirror, allowing light to enter (so the wearer can see), but not out (so the wearer's glow is concealed).

Despite their advantages, there is a major flaw in the operation of Optrix, which cannot be rectified. Optrix can cease to function correctly when exposed to moisture in general and tears in particular, meaning that crying can cause a vampire's glow to show through the Optrix. The water refracts the light leaving the eye, that is usually blocked by the Optrix, at such an angle that the protective surface of the lenses no longer function, thus allowing light to escape. Any vampire risks exposure to the human public by not keeping a set of sunglasses about their person, in the event of weeping or of breaking of the lenses.

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