When being bitten by another vampire, there is a transfer of fluid toxins from the vampire to their host. Occasionally, while it is a rare occurrence, this fluid transfer floods the blood system, and the crossover becomes unbalanced. The result is a nosferatu.

These vampires, during their Crossover, become deformed, with an almost monstrous set of features: chalky white pale skin, and two rows of twisted fangs. All body hair falls out, and the eyes glow crimson instead of gold.

These creatures not only have an almost insatiable Blood Lust (often feeding two or three times a week, either on humans or on other vampires), but many have even gone as far as to cannibalize their victims, their stomachs digesting body parts with ease. For those who have eaten the flesh of vampires or humans for a period of time, they become afflicted with a disease called 'Kuru', which causes their muscle coordination to break down, bouts of madness, and spontaneous laughter.

Many exist in small tribes in the dark corners of suburbs surrounding big city food supplies. With their red eyes and terrifyingly dark giggles of madness being heard from a distance, they have become the 'boogie men' of the vampire world.

The only two characters currently known to be Nosferatu are Freak from Lost in Shadow and Glenn from The Awakening.

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