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Appears in: Gone From Daylight
Age at Crossover: 14
Actual age: 14/15
Appearance: Eyes: Blue, Hair: Blonde, Height: 5ft 6in
Extra: Mimicry. This ability also allows for the absorbtion of other extras (main article: Mimic).
Sire: Taryn
Partner: Taryn
Affliated with: The Lot, Comicality, Dash, Diva, Jarrod, Richie, Tim, Zero
Enemies: Cato, Rage, Soren, Natpea, The Beast
First appearance: Genesis (Part 1). N.B. Justin is the 1st person narrator of GFD.

Justin is the main protagonist and first-person narrator of Gone From Daylight. Justin is a vampire who lives at The Lot with his boyfriend Taryn and a group of halflife vampires in south-west Chicago. Taryn persuaded him that there was a 'another option' when Justin was considering committing suicide in the first chapter of GFD. Justin eventually decided to become a vampire and live with Taryn, who he fell in love with, crossing over into darkness. After spending time learning about vampire life, including extras, Justin discovers that he is the vampire mimic, a long prophesied vampire that will lead all of vampire-kind to an unspecified event known as Vampire Dawn. The majority of Gone From Daylight follows Justin trying to understand and control his new powers as well protecting his new family and the one he loves from harm.

Gone From Daylight: Genesis

Justin had been an unpopular kid at his school and never had many friends, while his best friend Richie had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and his mother drowned her sorrows with alcohol. Eventually Justin resolved to end his life by jumping from Navy Pier into Lake Michigan and drowning himself, however Taryn, who had watched him come out the pier for several nights in a row and not jump, persuaded him to not to kill himself and instead spend some time with him and consider another option. Unbeknownst to Justin, this 'alternative' was crossing over and becoming a vampire.

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