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Jeremy is a minor character in Gone from Daylight who is a Blood Dealer who lives in a shack on the outskirts of the downtown area. He keeps a low profile by staying in a place that looks like an old rundown shack, but has an underground morgue down below. While Jeremy can be a friendly and personable character most times, he is a very shrewd businessman. Business and pleasure are never mixed, and nothing brings the demon out of Jeremy like a customer who owes him money for 'services rendered'. His two guard wolves, Torsten and Grim, help him keep his work running smoothly, and all of his debts paid one way or another.

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Appears in: Gone From Daylight
Age at crossover: 16/17
Actual age: Unknown
Appearance: Eyes: Dark, Hair: Black, Height: 5ft 10in
Extra: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
Partner: Unknown
Affliated with: Grim, Justin, Torsten, Trevor
Enemies: N/A
First appearance: Genesis (Chapter 2c).

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