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Appears in: Gone From Daylight
Age at crossover: 14
Actual age: Unknown
Appearance: Eyes: Blue, Hair: Blonde, shoulder-length, Height: 5ft 3in
Extra: Empathy. The ability to sense, channel and amplify the current emotional states of people (vampire and human alike). The amplification can occasionally become uncontrollable and the bearer of this extra will break down in a super-amplified state of emotion.
Sire: Dion
Partner: None
Affliated with: The Lot
Enemies: Rage
First appearance: Genesis (Part 2).

Jenna is one of the halflives that lives at The Lot with Justin, the protagonist and narrator of GFD. Being a very empathic and caring person (reflected in her extra), and one of only two females, she is often seen as a mother or big sister to many at The Lot. Originally from California, she ran away from home and ended up in Chicago, homeless and with no money. Eventually she met Dion, who, already being a vampire himself eventually sired her on compassionate grounds.

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