How Do I Edit Pages

If you find a page that missing some information or has incorrect information you can edit that page simply by going to the bottom of the page and clicking 'edit'. Alternatively, if you follow a link that does not lead to a page, which is denoted by the page title "The page does not (yet) exist" you can click 'create page' and start editing the new page. Please note you must be a member of the site in order to edit or create pages. You can become a member by visiting the Join page.

In order to get familiar with the formatting or, more often called, the syntax or this wiki WikiDot provides a page which is accessible at the bottom of every editing box on every page or by clicking this link.

Also, you should be aware of stubs and spoilers, you need to read up on them and learn how and when to use them. See the Stub and Spoiler pages for more details.

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