Every vampire, when born into Darkness, begins to develop an 'Extra'. Extras are special abilities (many of which are considered super-human in nature) unique to each and every vampire in existence1, formed by the emotions and personality traits held by the host before crossing over. Some quiet, shy, or frightened, humans develop 'defensive' extras, while more aggressive and belligerent humans develop 'offensive' ones. A person's life experiences are instrumental in the creation of their particular extra, as is seen when Justin is examined by Char and Becca: "The reason every vampire's extra is different, is because it reflects the kind of people we were when we were alive. Therefore, by looking into your psyche, we'll determine what new surprises we can expect to see as your powers manifest themselves." - Tim, Gone From Daylight: The Beauty and the Darkness.

While it was suggested in chapter 2 of GFD, Resurrection that another vampire's extra can be learnt and honed to the same extent as one's own ("We find our own extras, perfect them, and teach them to the people we trust most. They, in turn, teach it to someone they trust, and so on and so on." - Bryson, Gone From Daylight: Resurrection) it has now been confirmed by the author that this does not take place. The explanation that has been provided by the real-life Comicality is that "'certain 'tricks' can be learned or taught by the vampires themselves, the personal experience of having [an extra] of their own can never be surpassed or fully duplicated by another being."

Known Extras

Here is a list of known extras in the GFD universe. This list covers Gone From Daylight, Lost in Shadow, Nightfall and all of the Story Starters.

Name Original owner Description
Acidic Substance Production Unnamed hunter The ability to produce and shoot webs or strands of a sticky, acidic substance from one's hands.
'Brain Geyser' Justin The ability to create an explosive blast wave derived from the anger or fear felt by the vampire using the extra. Usually the energy is released in an uncontrolled burst, however with practice one can become precise with it's aim and power. It's name derives from the fact that the build-up of emotions being translated into energy is focussed around the head, often described as a "dark halo". Justin is the only person known to have this extra, however it's validity as an extra is in question; since Justin already has an extra (see Mimic), it should be impossible for a vampire to have two extras at their crossover. It is therefore unclear whether this ability should be classed an extra or not.
Celerity Chad The ability to move one's body at super-human speeds, including in running and dextrous tasks. In terms of similar traits, this extra is fairly common worldwide and can be found in varying forms.1 Chad has attuned his extra so much that if someone attempts to take a photograph of him, the result is simply a blur. When combined with the martial arts this extra can prove very deadly. Justin absorbed Chad's extra upon their first meeting and subsequent chase, in which Justin kept pace with Chad, a feat which no other had done.
Clairsentience Char The ability to perceive an object (or person's) history through touch. The extent of this extra is unknown, however Char seems to have the ability to deduce certain facts about a person or object from physical traits that she observes, the method of this observation is unclear, however it seems to be inextricably linked to contact with the object.
Concealment Dylan The ability to make oneself imperceptible to those around. This ability, while being extremely subtle, does not make a vampire invisible, it does however remove the vampire from other people's perceptions, so that they can go unnoticed. Comicality did however find one flaw with the use this extra (it is unclear whether it was Justin's poor rendering of the ability or simply Comicality's more attuned senses). He detected Justin by sensing disturbances in the air that a moving body creates (even if that body cannot be visually perceived.)
Eidetic Memory Doc The ability to quickly absorb and accurately retain great amounts of information. The potential limit to this extra is currently unknown.
Emotion Deactivation Dion The ability to shut down one's emotions at will. This can be used as a protective mechanism or to give an unbiased examination of a situation.
Emotional Telepathy Trevor The ability to sense the feelings and desires of other vampires without using normal sensory methods, possibly without knowledge or consent.
Empathy Jenna The ability to sense, channel and amplify the current emotional states of people (vampire and human alike). The amplification can occasionally become uncontrollable and the bearer of this extra will break down in a super-amplified state of emotion.
Electrokinesis Jazz The ability to control and manipulate electricity (including a person's electrical field). This can manifest itself in many different ways, including shooting bolts of lightning from one's hands and even 'sucking' the electrical field out of another person.
Healing transference Bryson The ability to transfer the physical injuries of another onto oneself. This ability has proven a most effective healing device when combined with Rain's ability to convert physical pain into emotional pain.
Mimic Justin Main article: Mimic. The ability to rapidly absorb other vampire's extras by simply being in proximity to them. Control over these powers can be limited and/or unpredictable without proper development and training. The vampire who carries the Mimicry extra is foretold to be the lynchpin in bringing the entire vampire world to what is commonly known as Vampire Dawn. Mimic's also have the ability to telepathically 'read' the thoughts of other vampires. Justin is the only current carrier of this extra. The only other directly referenced person to have carried it is an unnamed vampire who lived over 600 years previous to the events of GFD, the references to which can be found in Gone From Daylight: Nights Eternal.
'Nightfall' Cylance The ability to permanently drain or seal away the emotions of another living creature (including vampires). The complete draining of a creature's emotions leaves them in a vegetative state, unable to register any sort of external stimuli, effectively crippling them. The only known owner of this extra is Cylance, who uses it repeatedly in GFD: Nightfall.
Possession Michael The ability to take control of any other person that he has touched. The power stems from his jealous nature and has become trouble some because he will do anything to make sure nothing comes between him and Trevor
Reader (Telepathy) Diva, Tim, Zero, and others The ability to read the thoughts of others vampires without using normal sensory methods, sometimes without their knowledge or consent. The ability to read the minds of humans is present within all vampires because humans minds are "so simple".
Sensory Manipulation Gyro The ability to manipulate what the nerves of a person feel, specifically in regards to pleasure, simply through touch. This extra can, apparently, be used as a weapon, stimulating the nerves of an opponent to the point where they overload and leave the person comatose.
Telepathic Messaging Taryn The ability to send and receive messages telepathically. It is sometimes unclear where a vampire's natural ability for telepathy (which is present to an extent in all vampires, allowing them the ability to read the minds of humans and the minds of other vampires with consent) stops and this extra starts. Little is known about this extra, seeing as though it's only known owner (apart from Justin), Taryn, limits his use of it because of his lack of control over it.
Thrown Focus Dizz The ability move the attention of another person to focus on another object or person, a person's attention can even be focussed on something intangible, such as a memory or a feeling. This, in combat, can give one a split-second advantage to either escape or fight back.

(1) Despite the fact that every single vampire extra is unique and differs slightly for every person, there are some common traits that appear and thus can some vampires be grouped. For example every vampire who is considered to be a Reader has some degree of telepathic and/or mind-reading capability.

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