Elders refers to a council of extremely old vampires who have a great deal of influence and power within the vampire world. They are considered by many to be a 'ruling class' or 'political power'. Despite the fact that vampires are immortal, the majority will only choose to live an average of 100 years in Darkness, however, the Elders are much older than a century old; some vampires have theorized that some of the current Elders could have been present at the time of Christ, over 2000 years ago.

Their job is to work to protect the vampire species as a whole and the future of vampire-kind. The Elders set up agreements with the human governments around the world to ensure peaceful co-existence with the humans not interfering in Vampire affairs and Vampires not allowing their own populations to grow out of control. Whenever a vampire threatens to upset this delicate balance it is up to the Elders to deal with the problem and they are not known for their mercy or diplomacy, instead choosing to usually dispatch hunters to destroy the offending vampire(s). It is for this reason that the Elders are objects of fear and terror to many.

Very little is known about the the Elders themselves. They are very mysterious and secretive creatures, it is not even known which vampires make up the 'Elders', they are simply referred to as a collective group. It is also not clear what structures are in place within the Elders themselves; for example it is not known whether a single group of Elders oversees the entire world as opposed to a more regional approach with each country or area having their own group of Elders, or whether there is a 'Head Elder' within the Elder council.

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