'Darkness' is a slang term pertaining to the vampire world; vampires are said to be "living in darkness". The term originates from the fact that a vampire's life is lived entirely during the hours of the night, thus "in darkness."

The word is also often used in reference of how long someone has been a vampire (as in "How long have you been in darkness?"). Because the body is frozen at the point of Crossover, it is impossible to ascertain how long someone has been alive (as opposed to how old they look). Even though the apparent age, features, body, and everything else, remain frozen in time, the mind keeps growing and maturing as they get older. Knowing how long a vampire has been in 'darkness' can be very significant, as judging a vampire on looks is not an accurate measure of maturity or knowledge. For example Dr. Julius Colby in Lost in Shadow crossed over at approximately the age of 8, but possesses a great deal of medical knowledge far beyond the age he appears to be.

To determine the true age of a vampire, the number of years a vampire has lived since their crossover must be added to the age that they were at the time of their crossover. As a worked example, Taryn was 14 years old when he crossed over and had been in Darkness for 10 years, thus he was 24 years at the time of the events of GFD.

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