A Childe (pron. 'ch-eye-ll-dd-uh'), or sometimes known as a 'Host', is the name given to the vampiric 'offspring' of another vampire, who is referred to as the Sire. The plural of Childe is Childer (pron. 'ch-eye-ll-dd-err'). Despite the relationship that such a name could suggest, it is not often that of a 'Parent and child' but is, in many cases, very complex. Sometimes, as in the case of Justin and Taryn, the relationship is that of partners and lovers, however for some, it is simply through compassion, as was the case when Dion turned both Jenna and Napoleon. The term is used regardless of whether the crossover was consenting or not, every vampire is always a Childe of another vampire. Some childer remain close with their sires after crossing over while others drift away.

Notable Childer include:

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