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Appears in: Gone From Daylight
Age at crossover: 18-19
Actual age: Unknown
Appearance: Eyes: N/A, Hair: N/A, Height: N/A
Extra: Clairsentience
Sire: N/A
Partner: N/A
Affliated with: Becca, Tim
Enemies: N/A
First appearance: Gone From Daylight - The Beauty and the Darkness.

Char is an associate of Tim who examines Justin along with Becca in order to understand in more depth the circumstances surrounding Justin's crossover and his extra of mimicry. During the examination, Char runs her hands across Justin's body and dictates what she senses, with impressive accuracy in relation to Justin's life events: "Signs of repair to the right shoulder, dislocated at age 9. Scar on the right arm, just below the shoulder, possibly a deep gash, caused from broken glass. Healed skin abrasions and slight stretches in the flesh would indicate frequent bruising. The size and shape of the bruised tissue would allow me to assume the bruises are man made. Delivered intentionally by an adult, male, approximately 38 years of age. The frequency of the suspected abuse and the amount of markings on the skin indicate almost daily beatings." - Char, Gone From Daylight: The Beauty and the Darkness.

Char's extra is that of Clairsentience, the ability to perceive an object (or person's) history through touch. The extent of this extra is unknown, however Char seems to have the ability to deduce certain facts about a person or object from physical traits that she observes, the method of this observation is unclear, however it seems to be inextricably linked to contact with the object.

Little is known of either Char or Becca's past, but it is presumed that they have been in darkness for some time due to their relaxed nature and confident advice. Neither Char or Becca have been mentioned since their appearance in The Beauty and the Darkness, but they are still presumed alive and safe.

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