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Appears in: Gone From Daylight
Age at crossover: 16
Actual age: 35/36
Appearance: Eyes: Brown, Hair: Brown, Height: 5ft 10in
Extra: Healing transference. The ability to transfer the physical injuries of another onto oneself.
Sire: Amanda
Partner: (Ex) Amanda
Affliated with: The Lot, Tim
Enemies: N/A
First appearance: Genesis (Chapter 1b).

Bryson is a main character in Gone From Daylight. Bryson is the oldest of the group of halflives that reside at The Lot and thus has become the leader. Bryson has adopted (either through choice or by the choice of the others) an almost father figure-like role within the group. As well as being the oldest at crossover, Bryson has also spent the most time in darkness, approximately 20 years.

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