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This article mostly features information about Alec as he appears in Taryn's Song, for a more complete biography of his appearances in Gone From Daylight, see Rage.

Appears in: Taryn's Song and Gone From Daylight
Age at Crossover: N/A
Actual age: 4
Appearance: Eyes: Blue, Hair: Deep Red/Brown, Height: N/A
Extra: N/A
Sire: N/A
Partner: N/A
Affliated with: Taryn
Enemies: N/A
First appearance: Taryn's Song - Chapter 1.

Alec is the brother of Taryn, one of the principal characters of Taryn's Song and a major antagonist of Gone from Daylight, who was left by at the age of 4 to grow up with his mother's child-molesting boyfriend after Taryn ran away from home to crossover and be with Trevor. Little is know of Alec's life between Taryn's Song and when he crosses over and becomes Rage in Gone from Daylight: Born of Fire, however this will more than likely be revealed in upcoming chapters of either Taryn's Song or Gone from Daylight.

Events of Taryn's Song

In Taryn's Song Alec is seen as Taryn's 4-year-old brother, shortly before Taryn crosses over. Alec and Taryn live with their mother and their mother's boyfriend, who attempts to rape Taryn. Taryn confronts his mother with his allegations about Chuck after seeing him holding a 'peck' on the lips with Alec for too long. Their mother rejects the claims and Taryn resolves to take Alec and run away. They pack a few items and head out onto the streets, ending up in a parking lot.

After spending a few nights on the streets, slowly making their way south towards downtown Chicago, Taryn and Alec eventually reach Navy Pier, where they meet Trevor for the first time, who buys Alec some popcorn. At one point during the evening, Alec gets separated from Taryn and is lost in the crowd. While Taryn is frantically searching Trevor finds Alec and reunites him with Taryn. After an altercation at a friend's house Taryn is savagely beaten and Alec pushed around somewhat by what Taryn called friends, they are left bleeding and soaked to the skin and have to find shelter for the night under a highway overpass.

After nearly freezing to death on the streets, Taryn manages to find somewhere to get Alec and himself cleaned up and fed they find themselves at a toy store where they run into Trevor again, with Taryn agreeing to get to know Trevor a bit better.

Between Taryn's Song and Gone From Daylight

The exact circumstances are not know due to Taryn's Song being incomplete, however it is known that Taryn eventually returns Alec to live with his mother and Chuck and leaves with Trevor to crossover. The next decade of Alec's life is a complete mystery, but it is presumed that he suffered at the hands of Chuck for many years, which fueled his anger at Taryn for abandoning him; this in part leading to Alec's transformation into Rage.

Life as Rage1

It is suggested in GFD that Alec crossed over at a similar time to Justin, and, comparing the two characters' past it becomes apparent that there are some similarities between the two. Soon after his crossover, Alec developed incredible fighting skills very quickly that are almost savage in nature and went on a rampage around local vampire hang-outs, leaving carnage in his wake, looking for Taryn (and Trevor) in order to exact revenge for abandoning him with Chuck so that Taryn could pursue a new life of happiness. He eventually caught up with Taryn and the gang from the Lot at a local club at the end of Gone From Daylight: Born of Fire.

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